The past and the future of Metal melt together


[oblo_image id=”1″] On this occasion we go to Sardinia to meet MEGAHERA a band whose name tells us al lot about its spirit. MEGAHERA is in fact the fusion of two words: MEGA (Great) and HERA (Era). They are a unique band – a true revelation – that seems to have been catapulted from the past into the present day … a modern personification of the ‘unforgettable NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) that is, the movement by which Thrash Metal originated. Megahera was born on October 3, 2008, by the will of singer/guitarist Mario Marras and his insatiable desire to bring back that magic atmosphere of the 80s sound. Immediately after giving form and chosing a name for his band, Mario starts off in search of his band mates, testing the waters to find musicians suitable to the music style he has in mind, but that at the same time would shere both the same ideals and the same passion and tenacity for the band. From then on, the idea finally takes shape with the arrival of drummer Robert More, Antonio Borges ‘The Wizard’ on bass and Marco Cossu Lead & Rhythm Guitar. So they start ‘to juggle notes and riffs inspired by great bands like Black Sabbath, early Metallica, Saxon, Motorhead, etc ….
Megahera starts off really well, with a series of dates all around the island on a tour by the name of’ The Infernal Sardinian Tour ‘, and the recording of their first demo, entitled’ Lethal Noise of Violence ‘from which you can hear their pure and edgy NWOBHM style. You can also see them, in their videoclip released in June 2010.
[oblo_image id=”2″] The band goes through a very positive phase, which leads them to get very well known both nationally and internationally, obtaining very favorable reviews. Their outstanding talent, gets them to participate to the ‘ Events Metal Fest ‘, a competition that has become a traditional appointment for all metalheads in Sardinia, in which they win the final session, and get to play alongside Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), who happened to be special guest in that ‘edition of the fest.
From a guitar strum, on a hot August day, Mario Marras, together with Modus Operandi and his great friend Andrea Kondra Morano, decide to create an association called’ SARDINIAN BAY AREA ‘with the aim to offer all Sardinian underground bands the chance to perform in a series of festivals, promoted and supprted by a constantly increasing public.
A few months later, they win another contest, the ‘Summer Rock Festival’, which allows them to cross the Italian border, and perform live in London UK.
Here starts a period of constat live performances, supported and thoroughly appreciated by their fans, who follow them around with great affection and support.
[oblo_image id=”3″] They are currently involved in the completion of their album ‘Metal Maniac Attack’, with the label My Graveyard Productions, with the certainty that their sound will continue to bring us back in time to that magic era and give us a guaranteed great time.